Evidence Updates – Will they stay or will they go?!

The results are in! The future of the The Latest Musculoskeletal and The Latest Specialities evidence updates has been decided! 

As part of our bid to continually make sure we are providing you with high quality and clinically useful resources, Scott and I wanted to try and evaluate this offering: Is keeping on top of the research important to you? How do you like to do it? Do the evidence updates help you? A big Thank You to everyone that took the time to share your opinion with us last month (and if you don’t know about these your can find out more here).

We are excited to share the results with you. Of the 44 physios surveyed:

  • Keeping on top of the research evidence is important (95% said extremely or very important, and 30% mentioned patient care/outcomes as a driver)
  • The Evidence Updates play a role in keeping on top of the evidence for 79% (you also like to access Conferences, Social media, Professional Organisations, Clinical guidelines and Printed publications)
  • 84% rate the Evidence Updates as very or extremely valuable in keeping on top of the evidence
  • Feedback suggested a more concise newsletter would be useful – as a result you’ll notice we’re trimming down each section to make the newsletters more digestible
  • Open access is popular: 77% seek out the open access articles first – we’ll continue to hunt for these for you where we can
  • The Special Interest Topic sections were less popular than other topic areas so we’re stopping this rolling topic to focus on those that really matter to you
  • The Evidence Updates are clinically relevant: 57% incorporate the relevant research findings into clinical practice
  • And…we had some lovely feedback and thanks, which is a real boost to the team who produce these each month, so thanks for sharing this with us.

So…along with a rather compelling piece by Scott last month in support of the Evidence Updates  these survey results gave us the feedback we needed to decide to keep the newsletters going! We’re delighted as we enjoy producing them for you. And we’ve already taken on your feedback: you’ll notice this month a more streamlined version heading to your inboxes, and our all-new research posts on Physiospot – aiming to provide clinical application and background to pertinent new research as it comes out each month. We’ve also noted your interest in Open Access, and this continues to be an area of interest for us too.

So for now, continue to enjoy the updates – tell your friends and colleagues about them so they can access this great resource. And look out for more on these in the future as we continue to assess what you need most and to develop all our resources.