Your data on Physiospot

These notes have been provided in response to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to explain to Physiospot site users how individual data is gathered, stored, used and shared with third parties. Also how a Physiospot user may ultimately choose to remove data from the site. Please note that most data captured on the Physiospot platform is anonymised and encrypted during transfer and so cannot be traced back to an individual user.

Who we are

We are Physiopedia Plus Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 07878211 and our registered office is at 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE.

Why we collect data

This data is collected to improve our services.

How long is the data stored

All data is stored indefinitely unless an individual requests its removal. The contact form can be used at any time for a site user to request that all their data be deleted from the site and database.

Who has access to the data

The Physiospot site support team have secure access to your individual data in order to allow them to investigate and resolve any issues encountered when using the site. This individual data is not shared with third parties without the specific written permission of the individual user.

General anonymised website use data is collated to allow us to analyse use and improve services. The following platform facilities are delivered using external services and so involve a strictly limited data transfer to third parties. These service organisation have been specifically selected because they provide world class functionality and data protection:

How can the user view and export their data

In general the data collected is anonymous and so cannot be linked to a specific individual. Users may request to access and delete any data retained that is identifiable via the site contact form.

Email newsletters

A Physiospot user can opt in to receive email updates, including Top Tips Tuesday newsletter and The Latest from Physiopedia (subscribe at the bottom of the page). Accepting this option will share that user’s email address with the Sendy platform through which these newsletters are managed.

Contact forms

The user may optionally choose to contact the Physiospot team using a site contact form. Submitted details are be stored in the contact logs:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Message

Notification of data breaches

In the event of a data breach we will alert all affected site users within 72 hours.


If you have any questions regarding the capture, storage and use of data by Physiospot please don’t hesitate to contact us.