Cailbhe Doherty Talks Ankle Sprains

This interview was recorded as part of our foot and ankle course which is still available to PP+ members.

Ankle sprains are an incredibly common injury and if mismanaged reoccurance rates are high. There is a plethora of evidence available on the topic and it can be difficult to find out what you should be doing in the acute and chronic stages with your patients.

Cailbhe is a physiotherapist, specialist and a prolific researcher in the area of ankle sprains. He is the man to take your through what you should be doing to manage acute and chronic ankle sprains. In this interview Cailbhe takes you through the tests, assessment and management strategies most clinically relevant to day-to-day work in keeping with the latest evidence base.

Make sure you follow Cailbhe on twitter, LinkedIn and Google Scholar profile to keep up to date with is work. As an example look at this summary and this article for the best way to prevent reoccurance.

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