New Foot and Ankle Course!

New Foot and Ankle Course!

To follow up from the excellent Global Health course in January we have the Foot and Ankle course in March.

The first section of the foot and ankle course will be published on Monday the 6th of March and will provide you with an introduction that will enable you to assess and treat foot and ankle conditions based on up to date evidence and practice, from the diabetic foot to the high level sporting athlete.

The foot and ankle is a complex structure which presents in a wide variety of clinical settings. Best practice requires skills in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation across acute and chronic conditions. The foot and ankle is a large topic, that in itself can be studies as a full degree, as our colleagues; podiatrists do, therefore this course is by no means exhaustive. Therefore this learn topic will be an introduction and allow you to create a foundation for you to build upon.

The course will be covered over 4 weeks:

  1. Weeks 1 – Structure and function of the foot and ankle
  2. Week 2 – Medial and lateral aspects of the ankle
  3. Week 3 – Conditions of the anterior, posterior and plantar aspects
  4. Week 4 – Other common conditions and orthotics

Expect to spend 4-6 hours per week on this learn topic but with the flexibility to suit you.

At the end of the course you should be able to analyse issues involving the foot and ankle using functional anatomy and biomechanics. You will then be able to clinically reason different treatments and rehabilitation options based on the latest evidence.

To gain acces to this course you will have to be a member of Physiopedia Plus.

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There is still time to go back and work through the entire Global Health course in your own time on PP+

The Foot and Ankle

Heading into a topic like the foot & ankle can seem tough. Make sure you make the most of the Physiopedia community and walk through the course together.
Scott BuxtonPhysiopedia news by: Scott Buxton

Scott is editor of Physiospot so expect to see his work popping up frequently. Away from the keyboard he is a physiotherapist specialising in geriatrics.


  1. kareemah alzuhair says:

    i would love to take this course but i cant find it in physiopedia ..
    how can i register in it?!

  2. Scott Buxton Scott Buxton says:

    Hi Kareemah, you’ll need to be a member of physiopedia plus to gain access to the course at this time. This link will direct you to the sign up page I hope this helps!

  3. kareemah alzuhair says:

    i am a full member but i still can not sign in?

  4. Scott Buxton Scott Buxton says:

    Have you had luck signing in Kareemah?

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