Welcome Moti to the Team

Please welcome Moti Wilson to our new voices contributor.

Moti is a Physiotherapist from Kenya who is passionate about education, the importance of evidence based practice and patient centered care. Expect to see plenty of his writing over the coming weeks, it will be a welcome addition to our opinions section.

We want physiotherapists and physical therapists to share their unique opinions on issues that are shaping the global physiotherapy community and Moti is going to do just that.

His work first appeared in the voices column back in October 2016 after he participated in the Physical Activity Course. His writing about the importance of enabling others to become active, engaged and responsible for their health encapsulated the course aims.

Previous work by Moti:

Don’t hesitate to ask Moti about his work! For more posts by Moti click here, make sure you follow him on twitter and visit his blog.