What Can Animals Teach Us About Chronic Pain Management? | Webinar Recording Now Available

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The feedback from our webinar with Ansi van der Walt has been excellent and those that were able to attend discovered a surprising number of parallels between animal and human physiotherapy and learned some immediately clinically applicable lessons.

One of those lessons was about how to improve the psychological safety of both patients and their family members or care givers by using positive reinforcement and educational strategies. Ansi shared her top 6 steps to ensure psychological safety for your clients.

As well as improving psychological safety Ansi explore goal setting with audience members going away with immediate stra

The Instructor – Ansi van der Walt

Ansi is a Veterinary PT, President of the IAPTAP and Managing Member of PetFit Canine Fitness

Ansi van der Walt is a Senior Veterinary Physiotherapist with extensive hands-on experience with small animal, canine and equine rehabilitation and conditioning. Along with running her own practice in South Africa since 2004, Ansi is also the President of the International Association of Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (IAPTAP), a sub-group of World Physiotherapy (WCPT). She is also a Managing Member of PetFit Canine Fitness and of course she also enjoys spending time with her own four-legged companions!

The Webinar

What Animals Can Teach Us About Chronic Pain Management Webinar
In this webinar, Ansi discussed how the principles of chronic pain management in animals can help clinicians achieve better outcomes for human patients within their care. Dealing with chronic pain in animals is a complex process involving observation, negotiation, coaching, clinical reasoning and play. After 20 years of working with both human and animal patients in outpatient settings, Ansi has learnt that working with animal patients makes for a better “human” physio! No pre-reading is required, the participant can complete Ansi’s courses on Physioplus to gain extra knowledge on animal physiotherapy if interested.

Discover Pearls of Wisdom from Animal Patients

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