Competition! | Primal Pictures 3D Anatomy Quiz

Put your anatomy skills to the test with the brand new primal pictures app and be in with a chance to win free access.

Our partner Primal Pictures – whose award-winning 3D anatomy tools are featured throughout Physiopedia – just launched their new 3D Anatomy Quiz app. It combines Primal’s pioneering digital model of the human body – built from real scan data, unrivalled in its accuracy – with a limitless bank of questions and a fun interface designed to assess understanding of anatomical structures and aid recall.

Your Chance to Win – Exclusive for the Physiopedia Community

The 3D Anatomy Quiz app provides free access to the Hand section, and other body regions can be unlocked with in-app purchases. But as part of our partnership, Primal Pictures is offering free download codes for all body regions to Physiopedia members. Just download the app, post a screenshot of a correct answer on your preferred social media platform, and tag and follow both Physiopedia and Primal Pictures. After one week they’ll choose 25 users randomly and send out the codes!

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If your institution provides access to the desktop 3D Anatomy Quiz module on Primal’s, all body regions can be unlocked at no cost. Contact Primal Pictures for more information.