An In-Depth Look at Frozen Shoulder, Subacromial Impingement and Sternocvlavicular Dysfunction | Online Courses with Ian Horsley

Learn from Expert Ian Horsley and start to understand where the limits of your shoulder practice can grow to unleash your potential as a clinician.

Shoulders are complex structures and can cause confusion in clinical practice. Just thinking of muscles alone the number is immmense and intimidating and that’s not even considering the 17 which attach to the scapula. This makes clinical reasoning and understanding what you are seeing difficult to interpret. But fear not as we have some excellent new courses as part of our new shoulder programme to help you cut through the complexity straight to the most common pathology to look out for in your clinical practice.

The Expert – Ian Horsley

Ian Horsley is the lead physiotherapist for the North West English Institute of Sport and is clinical director of Back in Action Rehabilitation.  He has over 20 years experience and has extensive experience working in elite sports. For over 14 years he has worked for England Rugby Union with the last 6 for the Elite Squad. He completed his PhD in examining musculoskeletal causes of shoulder injuries within professional rugby, and is currently reviewing the role of physiotherapy within the management of musculoskeletal injury. He has multiple publications in high impact factor journals and was part of th medical team for Team GB at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. You can follow him on Twitter

The Courses in The Programme

This course is comprised of 3 courses each one is as excellent as the next. All created by Ian Horsley.

Sternoclavicular Joint Dysfunction
The Sternoclavicular joint is the only skeletal articulation between the axial skeleton and the upper limb. Despite its importance, it is often ignored in the physiotherapy assessment and management of shoulder pain. A minor dysfunction of the sternoclavicular joint can be manifested as a major shoulder and arm dysfunction and pain. This course explores the anatomy, biomechanics, assessment, and management of the sternoclavicular joint.

Sternoclavicular Joint Dysfunction

Subacromial Space Impingement – Space Invaders
The shoulder is one of the most complex regions of the body to rehabilitate. Among the most common reasons to experience shoulder pain, is the dreaded shoulder impingement syndrome (SIS). Understood to be a mechanism rather than a diagnosis, Dr. Ian Horsley explores this often mis-understood classification of shoulder pain and outlines the underlying anatomical considerations as well as the best rehabilitation strategies for clinical practice. This course is ideally suited to any clinician looking to better understand the biomechanics of the shoulder and how to effectively identify and manage the various types of shoulder impingements.

Fightback Against The Space Invaders

Frozen Shoulder – Do We Have the Cold, Hard Facts?
Adhesive capsulitis, or more commonly known as frozen shoulder, is a debilitating and chronic shoulder condition that is often seen within a clinical setting. It is a multifactorial pathology which requires a thorough understanding by the treating clinician, in order to individualize the treatment plan for the patient while using proven management techniques. Join Dr. Ian Horsley, a leading upper extremity physiotherapist in the United Kingdom, as he discusses the roots of frozen shoulder, how to identify it in a clinic and what are the best evidence-best treatments presently available.

The Cold Hard Facts

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