Physioplus Team – An Unrivalled Educational Experience For Your Physiotherapy Department

Spend your Health Education England Workforce Development Fund in a progressive way with Physioplus Enterprise – an online platform that delivers personalised online education and professional development with certified courses, podcasts, videos, plus and eportfolio and telehealth solutions. 

In early 2019 Health Education England (HEE) announced increased funding for CPD  to enable employers to develop their existing workforce. This funding equates to roughly £300 per clinician per year over 3 years and is now ready to be used. The money cannot be spent on mandatory training requirements or minimum levels of CPD to maintain registration. This is a clear statement of intent from HEE which provides a huge opportunity for all clinicians to level up their day to day practice. Physioplus offers both value for money and ensures the money is spent in accordance with Health Education England requirements.

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Justification of Spending; Physioplus Hits The Mark

As with all Government funding, employers who receive this funding will have to evidence how it is used and HEE have used their 5 key enablers of workforce transformation as a guide to justify the spending; Supply, Up-skilling, New Roles, New Ways of Working and Leadership. These key enablers directly relate to the NHS 5 Year Forward View which form the stars’ inner core.

Physioplus has every part of this covered with unrivalled depth and breath of content which can uniquely be found all in one place.

  • Online courses created by internationally recognised experts with direct access to them via Q&A
  • National and Regional networking opportunities via our forums which can be tailored to your needs
  • Primary and secondary care slant with our content covering every common speciality your clinicians encounter
  • The perfect blend of traditional and digital CPD activity allowing easy transition for all staff to new ways of working
  • Take CPD off-line and blend CPD together by utilising theoretical online videos with practical in-service training transforming local training provision

Maximise Productivity

Through your own unique team dashboard you will have unique insights and a greater understanding of how your team members learn and develop allowing you to maximise supervision and appraisal time.

  • Smooth over learning gaps between rotations by highlighting key videos ahead of time
  • Optimise preceptorship year by gaining access to reflective learning and leadership content at a crucial time for career development
  • Give your specialist staff opportunity to network with other specialists globally

Access Across Your STP; Bringing Staff Together

Having access across your STP and for all AHPs is a real possibility. Through your own private space and forums within the platform your team can come together in new ways of working, grow as leaders and collaborate to directly to overcome system wide issues. This is especially important in a post-COVID world where we need to act swiftly and move in new directions. It’s time to get your teams thinking tactically.

Supporting Career Progression & Enabling Apprenticeships

Physioplus contains content suitable for all levels of experience and expertise. Support works, junior staff, specialist staff and advanced practitioners will all find content which is relevant to them and their own development. Not only will this improve clinical outcomes but, boost recruitment and retention and growth with supporting new ways of working.

  • Our content is suitable to ensure return to work requirements are met
  • Some of our content will aid support worker progression and help drive them to success as they progress towards degree level apprenticeships
  • Diverse collection of content will open your teams clinical reasoning to new ways of working
  • Help grow your teams leadership skills with our specific leadership content

Making Every Contact Count. Content Designed to Promote Prevention

Physioplus has the NHS 5 Year Forward View in focus which means we can help you to respond to the call for a radical upgrade in prevention and public health.  Specifically our content exceeds their call for the promotion of e-learning as everything we do is online, evidence based and quality assured. We have many courses which are accredited with Physiotherapy Member Organisations around the world demonstrating our commitment to quality.

Our Ever Evolving Platform

The Physioplus team never stand still. We are a team of physiotherapists and, just like in clinical practice, we are busy improving things for our service users which means we offer value for money and scale of economy which cannot be matched. We are always open to ideas and are passionate about making content which indirectly benefits patient outcomes so please discuss your needs with us.

The New Gold Standard

Physioplus truly is the gold standard for integration of all of your continuing education and professional development needs for your organisation. We are setting the benchmark for what is possible in the physiotherapy IT space and you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to transform your organisation.

Upskill Your Team to new Ways of Working