Do Telehealth Solutions Work for Paediatric Clinics?

Physioplus will help you explore the application of digital health care when providing physiotherapy to children.

Have you ever wondered if you need a unique telehealth solution or need to adapt your telehealth delivery for a paediatric population? We have the answer you need in our brand new course available now on Physioplus. With all of the focus being on an adult population and the pivot towards on-line interventions it is easy to forget about different populations who still need to benefit from telehealth too. That’s why the Physioplus team are especially happy that this course has been created in collaboration with Sierra Christensen, a telehealth specialist and both owner and clinican at devloPT Pediatrics.

This course is aimed at Physiotherapists, students and other professionals interested in the subject.

Intro to Telehealth & Paediatrics
In paediatric telehealth, the physiotherapist/physical therapist can reach a wide range of paediatric populations specifically those with barriers to access such as physical location, limited resources, or during social distancing. Telehealth in the pediatric population helps parents to continue therapy even if they have busy schedules, multiple children, or if their child is immunocompromised. It also allows the child to have therapy in the environment of their own home and provides an opportunity for parents to become actively involved with the therapy provision.

Do Children Engage with Telehealth?

Have You Seen Our Telehealth Solution in Physioplus?

Why not combine the knowledge and skills you learn from this course with our brand new telehealth software integration within Physioplus? It is simple and easy to use and includes exercise software with photos and videos as well as patient management tools. We really do have all of your video consultation and treatment needs covered.

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