Marketing Yourself Online Made Easy

As patients stay at home and practices close due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, reliance on an employer and workplace to look after you is a luxury rapidly disappearing. Never before has the need to promote yourself as an independent professional been so important.

Australian physiotherapist Robyn Hickmott is an experienced private practitioner who over her career has collected post graduate qualifications and skills in sports, women’s health and management of people with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. With the sudden and extraordinary economic downturn caused by the lock down Robyn realised that she needed to promote herself; for no one else was going to do it. So with the (unfortunately) greater time she now has available Robyn decided to launch her own Internet profile.

Robyn used the physiotherapy Internet opportunity being offered by that includes with every .physio domain name, a free Weebly webpage and two free email accounts. A self-declared “technophobe with a black-thumb”, Robyn was excited about the extraordinarily low risk opportunity to have an immediate, professional presence on the Internet and do set it up in three easy steps:

Step 1 was to register the domain Her name is her brand and the domain quickly tells people who she is, what she does and where to go for more information. Plus with inherent SEO value from the .physio domain extension her site will rank higher, get more clicks and provide greater satisfaction of her website content.

Step 2 was to build a free one page website through Weebly. With readymade, mobile-friendly themes and a drag-and-drop editor Robyn was able to produce a high quality webpage with information about herself, links to other relevant sites and a form for patients interested in a telehealth consultation to submit their information.

Step 3 was to utilise the two free email accounts to finalise the professional look of her Internet presence.

Robyn now has a highly professional, personal presence on the Internet. Past patients and new patients can now find her more easily, and being completely in control of her own Internet presence Robyn is marketing herself online.