Mental Health and Self-Isolation

Are you looking after your own and your patients mental health?

In these unprecedented times when over a third of the worlds population is in lock down and adhering to some form of social isolation, we could be on the verge of a physical and mental health hangover after the restrictions are lifted. As we adjust to our new ways of living for the forseable future it is important we look after our own and our patients physical and mental health at this time.

We all need to think about how we are going to keep our patients strong during this time and Physiopedia has some excellent resources to keep you knowledgeable on how physical activity imporves mental health. A great example is the page below which will take you through the definitions and mechanisms of why being physcial improves your mental health.

Mental Health and Physical Activity

Don’t forget about our awesome mental health programme on Physioplus which is made up of 4 courses and includes interviews with Dr Brendon Stubbs and is written by Andrea Sturm, one of the #TeamPP members.

  1. Foundations of Mental Health
  2. Physical Activity as an Evidence-Based Prescription for Mental Health
  3. Lifestyle and other important Factors for Mental Health
  4. Trauma and the Impact on Body, Mind and Psyche

We also have a great page listing a large number of clinical guidelines from the world of mental health. Take a look below for other resources on how to make sure your patients have all the information they need to look after their mental health during lockdown.