Strength Training for Walking in Neurological Conditions

This accredited is the course to help you understand how to improve walking capacity in neurological rehabilitation.

Neurological conditions can be broad ranging involving multiple limbs to differing severities, no one persons disability is the same. Therefore it can be difficult to know how to rehabilitate injuries and disabilities. Throw in the complexity of the central and peripheral nervous system it can quickly become complex but thanks to a new course on Physioplus we’ve got you covered.

This course is presented by Gavin Williams, a physiotherapist with over 25 years of experience working in and researching the field of neurological rehabilitation. Gavin is one of the strongest advocates around for transformation of the treatment of TBI in young patients. His work has helped improve the lives of countless individuals. The course is so good it has been accredited by the SASP so don’t miss out!

Make Your Patients Stronger Quicker!
Muscle weakness is a key physical impairment in neurological conditions that limits mobility. Progressive resistance training is recommended to address strength deficits in stroke and other neurological conditions however, the selection of proper exercise techniques requires an understanding of walking biomechanics and muscle function during gait. This course discusses the implementation of a specific approach to strength training to improve walking in individuals with neurological conditions.

Strength Training in Neurological Conditions