Lateral Ankle Injury Assessment with Lee Herrington

A checklist for the subjective and objective assessment of the ankle.

Lateral ankle injuries are incredibly common injuries and something all physiotherapists will see regualrly throughout their careers, not just in an MSK setting either. Yes, they are more common in sports settings however they are very common in neurological and elderly patient groups too.

In this course Lee Herrington will take you through how to perform a robust evidence-based subjective and objective assessment of this type of injury.

Lateral Ankle Injury Assessment
Lateral ankle sprains have a high rate of recurrence and a tendency to develop into chronic instability. There are a set of factors that can be used to determine the likelihood of progressing into chronicity and assessing these factors can help to predict and prevent this. In this course, you will explore the contributing factors to chronic ankle instability and the components of the assessment process.

Level Up Your Management of Ankle Injury