WCPT to Change Name

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) is going to change its name later this year to World Physiotherapy in a bid to make branding more clear and effective. The proposed name change was discussed at the general meeting in May 2019 with the rationale outlined below.

The reasons for the name change:

  • Brand confusion – WCPT has many examples of inaccuracies in the use of its name, both in writing and verbally – by other organisations and by its member organisations.
  • The majority of our member organisations use physiotherapy and physiotherapist to describe the profession and the people who work in the profession.
  • WCPT was founded in 1951 by 11 associations. WCPT now has 121 member organisations, representing more than 625,000 physiotherapists.

A survey took place after the GM in 2019 and 78 member organisation took part. 60% agreed World Physiotherapy would be more easily understood by government and educational organisations which will aim to raise the profile of the profession in new and exciting areas. Almost 60% agreed the new title more accurately reflects the activities of the profession on a global scale.

The WCPT – or now World Physiotherapy – has been working on two strategic projects since knowing about the name change. One being a brand refresh and the other a website redevelopment. Both will be launched and then ame change finalised later this year but a formal date has yet to be set.

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