How will you challenge yourself in 2020?

At the start of a new year it is customary to reflect on what has finished and to plan for what lies ahead. At Physiopedia, we’ve been doing just this (see Rachael’s 2019 review) – and after a whirlwind in 2019 we are looking at how we can make 2020 even better!

We’ve chosen a theme of ‘FOCUS’ for 2020, and will use this to guide our activities over the next year – and nothing helps you to focus more than a new challenge! With this in mind, as we embark on the new year ahead, we invite you to join us in challenging yourself – personally, professionally, and as an advocate for our wonderful profession. We’ve put a few ideas down to get you thinking, so why not get together with friends and colleagues and make a plan for how you’ll join us in challenging yourself in 2020?

Challenge yourself…to focus on your professional development

Have you set yourself learning objectives for the year? Here’s a few things to think about:

  • Reflect on what physiotherapy is – with so much going on in the world it’s easy to lose attention to what physiotherapy actually is, why not write some core values for what Physiotherapy means to you (like Rachael did), and use this to help plan your own learning objectives.
  • Assess your career progression and write a plan to #justkeepmoving in the direction you choose – new job, promotion, developing your service, or indeed to keep doing what you are doing even better.
  • Get yourself a CPD portfolio – whether it’s a paper file or online, get started now and make sure you can evidence all the great learning you’ll be doing this year.

Challenge yourself…to get online!

In our online world, we all need to get tech savvy, or be left behind. Whether you’re already a techie or still hovering on the edge – here’s a few ways to dip your toes (or take a leap!) into the world of online learning:

Challenge yourself…to share

Physiopedia is all about sharing and collaboration – can you do the same?

Challenge yourself…to engage

Whether it’s with your patients or new research, why not engage more and see how it might change your clinical practice

  • Sign up for the Physiopedia Evidence Updates for an easy way to engage with research. Can you appraise and share what you find to increase your understanding and spread awareness?
  • Make sure you are following the right people on social media and determine your “why” for using it – every tweet, post, photo and interaction should 85% of the time reflect your “why”.
  • Join a tweetchat– and don’t just lurk, join in!
  • Identify a topic that needs adding to Physiopedia (then either let us know or start writing).
  • Really listen – to your patients and your colleagues, and see how this changes your clinical practice.
  • Engage with colleagues from around the world and answer a question on the Physioplus forum.
  • Arrange to meet with colleagues to read and discuss the Physiopedia App‘s article of the day for some bitesize CPD.
  • Debate differences of opinion (in person, online) with communication focused on the topic, refuse to personify the debate.

Challenge yourself…to give something back

Do you fancy being able to engage with your local community, or helping to further Physiotherapy around the world? Here’s some ideas on how to give something back to others this year:

Challenge yourself…to look after YOU

Managing the health of others is a big task – take time to consider your own personal health goals too

  • Make a plan to incorporate regular self care into your life to support your mental health.
  • Sign up for a physical challenge – triathlon, race, community event, there’s so many out there.
  • Reconnect with nature – find a way to unplug each day.
  • Do something uncomfortable – face a fear.

We hope this article provides some inspiration – if you do decide to take on any of our challenges then we’d love to hear from you! Tell us about them on social media, or why not write a Physiospot post to let the Physiotherapy community know what you’ve been up to?