But Which Hashtag to Follow?

Tweet chats are a brilliant way to connect physiotherapists from around the world but they can be difficult to keep up with.

Physiotalk is a fantastic example of how twitter, through the use of hashtags, can be a great CPD tool. Physiotalk hold fortnightly twitter chats which are hosted/co-hosted by volunteers who choose a different topic to discuss. By doing this there is always a diversity in topics discussed embracing #GlobalPT and learning for all specialities.

If you’re new to using social media as a CPD tool then we recommend reading this Evidently Cochrane Blog Post.

Examples of recent physiotalk topics include Primary Care Ready?, Whiplash: from government reform to physiotherapy practice and, CPD: are we doing enough?. Discussion points and follow up questions can be easy to lose track of when discussing topics like these but by using tools such as tweetchat.com can be made clearer. This is especially useful considering the chats are growing in popularity.

What isn’t clear however is the number of physiotherapy-related or allied healthcare-related twitter chats which take place. Wouldn’t it be great to have a physiotherapy voice heard at each one to aid direct service development and the learning for out MDT colleagues.

Therefore it would be great if we could create a list of physiotherapy related tweet chats in the comments below. Perhaps we could start with a list of the national membership organisations which hold tweet chats and go from there?