Most Popular Physiospot Posts of 2019

As 2020 is nearing closer and closer it gives us a final opportunity to look back and reflect on 2019 – a year which has seen a lot of content on Physiospot. So lets take am inute and look back on some of the most popular content written in the past 12 months.

Somehting which has been incredibly popular very quickly has been the Physiopedia app which was launched about a month ago on IOS and Android. The app has been downloaded a lot so don’t miss out and click the linked to article below to get your hands on it now.

Download The Physiopedia App Now!

Next up is a voices article by Ari Kaplan explaining how easy it is to overlook a mobility restriction when prescribing strengthing exercises and what we should do about it. Definitely a must read for all of us!

How Your Well Intentioned Exercises Can Go Wrong If You’re Not Careful

Earlier in the year a news story broke about cauda equina syndrome misdiagnosis and the concequences of this inclduing the personal costs for the individuals involved as well as the financial litigation claims. We are lucky to have some top quality resources about CES on Physiopedia and we wrote about it on Physiospot.

Cauda Equina Hitting The Headlines

If you’re like me and sometimes you just want articles explained to you in simple terms by the authors then plain english summaries are definitely worth checking out. But just how often are they incuded in the abstracts of articles? Well a study published earlier this year had a look and we wrote about it. Follow the link below to find out more.

Are Plain-Language Summaries Included in Published Reports of Evidence About Physiotherapy Interventions?

With an aging population osteoporotic fractures are becoming more prevalent and they are challenging to manage. There was a systematic review published midway through the year exploring the current evidence base. I wrote a neat little summary for you to qucikly read. Check it out below.

Exercise for Improving Outcomes After Osteoporotic Vertebral Fracture

At the beginning of the year Matt Ross wrote a series of articles aimed at new graduates and students helping them out on their new-career journey. In March Matt wrote some hints and tips about how to secure that first job.

Applying for Your First Job as a Physiotherapist

On that same thought here is one of the articles Matt wrote aimed at 1st and 2nd year students about what to expect in year 3.

So you want to be a Physiotherapist..? Year 3

A personal evidence base highlight of the year for me was the publication of the new European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older People guideline for the diagnosis of sarcopenia. I wrote a lengthy (but accessible!) summary of the new guidelines in January.

Sarcopenia: A Revised European Consensus.

Clearly there were many more top quality posts from 2019 but these are a few of the highlights. All of the contributors for physiospot deserve a massive thank you for all of their hard work this year. So, onwards to 2020.