Top 10 .physio websites for 2019

2019 was the year .physio websites went big: big headlines, big visuals and big ambitions. The winners of this years Top 10 .physio websites are setting new trends and new standards, and in some cases even new types of businesses.

We are very proud of what the physiotherapists and physical therapists around the world are accomplishing with the .physio domain extension. So without further ado, in reverse order, here are the top ten .physio websites for 2019.


Viktor Srl is an Italian start-up company established to disseminate applications of the studies of Dr Viktor Terekhov in neuromotor rehabilitation and sports training.


Pete Dickinson is a mountain sports world cup physical therapist of many years’ experience. With elite athletic clients located all over the world Pete is offering his unique skills via telehealth from his website.


Blade Rohloff is a keen outdoorsman and has created a fabulously outdoor themed website to connect with his clients via telehealth.


Rob Vinings’s is a platform that connects patients with practitioners for a free text chat.  When more help is required patients can be transferred to a paid telehealth format or even directed to a hands on clinic.


Emilia Tabeson is drawing from her experiences in Nigeria successfully connecting patients with physiotherapists to create a digital service to do the same on a global scale.

Darren Brown specialises in physiotherapy services for people with HIV.  His website goal is to raise the profile of HIV and physiotherapy.  Darren uses big and bold images that capture the eye and make you want to learn more.

Annette Tonkin has built a service to help physiotherapists become better performers and achieve better outcomes for their patients by enhancing the psychological aspects of their service.  Her powerful brand feeds into her website and challenges you to want to be better.

Brooke McDonough has built a great website through a simple video and a strong headline of “Let’s get moving”.  Supported by the black, white and red theme the website oozes professionalism. One cannot help but inspired to start moving just on opening the site.

Plan-e physio are a private practice located in Stuttgart, Germany.  Their, above the fold, moving picture and video provide an extraordinary amount of information about their clinic that reassures potential clients that they can be confident that they are in good hands

Small business owner Connor Gleadhill is a physiotherapist and a sports & conditioning coach from Newcastle, Australia.  Connor’s tagline is “Physio, but not as you know it” and he makes that abundantly clear from the video running on the front page of his site.  Connor has invested in high quality video that shows what he does and how he does it.  Watching him with his clients is engaging, reassuring and exciting.