How Can We Help Prevent Falls in The Older Adult? – Find Out on Physioplus

There are many definitions for falls. Within most definitions will be an idea that a falling is considered unintentional and it is neither explained either by medical causes such as blood pressure or a stroke, nor caused by an overwhelming external force. A simple and widely accepted version often used in used in research defines a fall as “An unexpected event in which the participant comes to rest on the ground, floor or lower level”.

Falls can be complex in nature and often multiple factors can contribute to someone falling and because of this there is often no single treatment or strategy that can prevent someone falling and we often have to try and reduce the risk of a fall occuring. In this new course by Chris Tuckett, who is a falls practitioner, find out how you can reduce the risk of somoene falling through fun and engaging exercise.

Fall Prevention Through Exercise

Around a third of all people aged over 65 years fall each year, but falls are not considered a normal part of aging. So why do so many older adults fall? This course will explore the causes of falls and the relationship between falls, ageing and physical inactivity. It outlines the minimum level of exercise required for well-being, explores the guidelines for exercise and considers physical activity as a population strategy.

Falls Prevention Course