How Do You Decide Who Would Benefit From Non-Operative ACL Rehabilitation?

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Is there a anatomical structure that gets more attention than the ACL? Because the prevelence of the injury in elite sports is high we see a lot of press coverage. Injury to the ACL is common in recreational sports too so it is something many physiotherapists will come across often. It used to be that the best was to recover from ACL tears was to pursue surgery however now this is not thought to be the right pathway for everyone.

In this new course by Luke O’Brien find out which patients would benefit from the conservative pathway and begin to discover the rehab concepts required to maximise outcomes.

Running Biomechanics

Considering the potential for postoperative complications, a small percentage of patients with ACL injuries might be suitable for non-operative management. An evidence-based set of screening tests can help us identify this group. Rehabilitation concepts are similar for both operative and nonoperative treatment of ACL injuries. However non-operative treatment is different with an increased emphasis on neuromuscular training to restore joint stability.

Decisions and management relating to conservative ACL rehabilitation