Do You Want to Improve Your Understanding of Running Mechanics?

Running mechanics for clinicians – Clinical insights from an elite sports physiotherapist on the biomechanics of running.

Understanding what is causing pain when running can be complex at is involves multiple different joints, muscles and structures. We are often told that ankle inversion and foot arch height is a common cause of runners pain but is this true?

This course, created by Chris Bramah an elite sports physio, will dispell myths and get you on the right track to understand what is wrong with your runners.  Throughout this course you will learn how to assess common running mechanical patterns in your clinic using simple inexpensive tools.

Running Biomechanics

Running is one of the most popular sports in the world due to its low cost and the low barriers to participation. It is an exercise that is also linked to weight management and improving cardiovascular capacity. However, about 93% of runners will experience MSK injuries associated with their participation in the activity. As physiotherapists, we can help our clients to identify the mechanical causes of injuries, guide them through the management process and hopefully help them to optimize their athletic potential while avoiding injury.

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