Digital CPD Focussed Symposium at Physiotherapy UK 2019

This Friday and Saturday Physiotherapy UK is taking place in Birmingham, UK, and I’ll be sitting on a focussed symposium entitiled Digital CPD: New Ventures into Online Learning for Rehabilitation alongside Naomi McVey (HEE), Janet Thomas (Physiotalk), Paula Manning (AHPs4PH) and Jack Chew (TPMP). We are all really excited for the session and look forwards to sharing our thoughts and findings about how digital CPD fits into the HCPC standards for CPD.

There are 3 learning objectives for the session;

  1. To understand the variety of methods and platforms used to access and deliver digital CPD.
  2. To appraise the role of a range of existing digital CPD methods, and how these can support CPD that meets in line with HCPC standards.
  3. To understand how digital CPD can support immprovements and innovation in rehabilitation in rehabilitation practice and services.

This will be an interactive session with twitter polls and our presentations as well as a 15 minute panel discussion and 15 minute Q&A. This will be a jammed packed session and will definitely leave you feeling knowing what the awesome world of digital CPD can offer you.

It will be great to see our Physiopedia community there but obviously not everyone will be able to be there in person. However this is a session on digital CPD so there will be a number of ways for everyone to take part! Twitter and mentimeter will be up and running and of course you can ask me questions via email or twitter on the day or in advance. I will certainly make my presentation available for everyone after the event and I will ask if others are happy for me to share on their behalf too!

The hashtag for the event is #Physio19 my twitter is @ScottBuxton_1 and i’ll be looking at the hashtag #digitalCPD in the run up to the session on Saturday morning to look for any questions you want answered!