What Is Being Said About Physiopedia? Check Out Our New Presentations and Publications Resource

We have a new webpage where you can see all of the references for the publications and presentations the PP team have created.

Over the years the Physiopedia team have been busy presenting at many prestigious events including numerous member organisation  conferences and WCPT events. Not only that but many reports have been written about the success of our MOOCs and courses as well as the impact of Physiopedia on digital continuing education and professional development.

Due to the international nature of Physiopedia with the team being based around the world sometimes it isn’t possible to keep up to speed with what has been written or said at conferences. It is also easy to lose track of how to reference the presentations and documents created by the team.

However, it is now possible to see all of these prestigious presentations and publications created by the PP team on our new dedicated page. All of the presentations and publications are presented in reference format and include hyperlinks to the documents wherever possible. This means the excellent and influential works are available for you to read, watch and reference when you see fit.

Why don’t you take a look at the page now? You’ll be surprised at how busy we’ve all been!