What Do People Think About Physioplus Courses?

Have you ever wondered what other people think about the courses on Physioplus? Have you wanted to share your experience of a course you’ve taken part in? Thanks to a new function on the Physioplus website you can now do both; share a testimonial and read those submitted by others.

The comments you share are placed in a searchable table for easy keyword searching. So if you are referring to anything specifically people will be able to find it. An example would be if you are referring to a specific course or aspect of a course.

Here is an example testimonial:

Physiopedia courses are always informative and relevant to my clinical practice. I particularly like the fact that there are courses to suit my schedule. When I have more time to spare I can participate in one of the longer course formats but for those times I am busy I can still manage to find time to do a short course. The short courses can be completed in an evening.

The comments you share are really important to us. They help motivate us and direct us on what to improve so without them we won’t be able to keep up the good work. So please share your testimonial!

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