It’s All About Impact!

For many years people have been asking me to describe Physiopedia’s impact.  How many people do we reach? How do we know people are learning? What difference does it make to clinical practice? Recently I spent a few days exploring Physiopedia stories to answer these questions.

As a charity Physiopedia is required to write an annual report which must explain what its charitable purposes are and what it has done during the year to carry out those purposes. As I spent time reflecting on the past year (our year end is 31 May) and exploring huge amounts of feedback and testimonials, I was reminded of all the amazing things that the Physiopedia community achieves and got it all down in writing here.

Being a completely online project our impact is hard to establish and describe, however it is becoming more and more obvious that it is wide and far reaching in ways that we never would have imagined.  We are starting to hear more and more stories that simply make us smile, that surprise us, and make all the hard work and heartache (yes, at times it has been difficult) worthwhile. Personally I thrive on your stories and appreciate every piece of feedback that we receive.  Everyone is a volunteer at Physiopedia, the more we hear the more it motivates us, so keep the stories, photos and videos coming!

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