World PT Day – Physiopedia is Taking Part Are You?

The theme of this years World PT day is chronic pain.

Physiopedia has a huge number of excellent top quality pages all about chronic pain. The topic is complex and often intimidating and that is why we have put a lot of effort into our pages relating to the topic. Below we have broken down the pages into topics to help you navigate through the best pages PP has to offer. These are by no means exhaustive lists but think of them more as a gateway to the PP content.


Understanding the disordered physiological processes that underpin chronic pain is essential to understand how to assess, manage and differentiate the condition. Below are the must read pages to help you on the road to understanding biopsychosocial naature of chronic pain.

Assessment is key to getting your patients on the right pathway to successful management of pain. Below is a number of pages which will give you an outline of how to assess pain in different settings and patient groups.

Management and Treatment

As explained nearer the top of this article a biopsychosocial approach is essential to managing chronic pain. Below are the best pages from each of bio-, psycho- and social- components of the model.

As today is world PT day why don’t you share the pages you find most useful on social media use #worldPTday?