Need Some Help Problems Solving Tendons?

Clinical reasoning in tendon diagnosis is a real challenge, so let us help you with a new Physioplus course.

Like with many conditions it is easy to get the diagnosis incorrect which can send you down the wrong management pathway, and tendons are no different. Our new course all about tendon clinical reasoning will equip you with the knowledge you need to get it right first time. Specifically in this course you will learn how to consider the dynamic nature of tendons and how they relate to surrounding structures to cause pathology.

The course content has been created by Ebonie Rio a tendon pain expert and Lecturer at La Trobe University.

Clinical Reasoning in Tendons

This course aims to provide you with knowledge of the different types of loads that can influence tendon pathology as well as introduce you to various questions and clinical findings that can help you to correctly diagnose tendinopathy. With this course you’ll begin to change the way you think about this commonly seen condition

Clinical Reasoning in Tendons