Mandatory MoCA Training Coming into Effect by 2020

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is a test which is able to evaluate cognitive ability and is equal to if not better in some circumstances than the MMSE. In general the score cut offs are normal 27.4, MCI 22.1 and AD 16.2

The MoCA is one of the mostly widely used cognitive assessment and screening tools used within clinical practice is many areas of the world. It is a simple, quick and easy to use test to help screen cognitive impairments in a wide range of conditions. Particularly in those population groups which score within normal ranges on the MMSE but still suffer from memory problems. The test has been available for free since 1996 but this is about to change.

In a bid to reduce variability and ensure adequate accuracy the creators of the test are making it only available to certified trainers as of September 1st 2019. There will be a one year grace period to complete your training and achieve certification as after September 1st 2020 access will be restricted to certified raters only.

Sadly this has had to come into effect because of legal threats from patients and families following diagnosis based on the test from untrained clinicians using the test.

The test will remain not-for-profit and funds collected from training and certification help support test development, updates, user support, electronic application, and MoCA related research including Mini MoCA Test (5 min), MoCA ACE normative data study, MoCA self-test, and MoCA for subjects with hearing and visual impairment. Institutional licensing and group accounts are available.

To learn more head to the MoCA Test website.

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