Why Do Patients Have Noisy Knees?

Brand new knee crepitus course available on Physioplus

Following on from our recent knee courses we have another available for you now on Physioplus all about knee crepitus. The course content has been created by Claire Robertson a Patellofemoral Expert, Consultant Physiotherapist, Researcher and Lecturer.

The courses will introduce you to concerns and beliefs around knee crepitus, what crepitus of the knee really is and how to educate patients on knee crepitus.

Knee Crepitus Course

Crepitus of the knee can be a very alarming symptom for people with knee problems and even those who have no other knee symptoms. It can provoke avoidance behaviours and anxiety responses because of lack of understanding of what the noise is and where it is coming from. Recent studies are showing that a lot of knee crepitus is actually physiological and does not have any impact on knee strength, function and pain. In this course, Claire Robertson explains exactly what crepitus is and how we should educate patients who have “noisy knees”.

Knee Crepitus Course