Patellofemoral Pain Courses Available on Physioplus

There is a brand new course programme waiting for you to tuck into on Physioplus. The Patellofemoral Joint Programme is waiting for you!

The first 2 courses of the PFJ programme are available with 3 more coming later. Each course is available separately as well as in the programme package, so you can collect certificates and CEUs for each course as well as for completing the full programme. Bare in mind thought that each individual course builds on knowledge from the previous so to make the most of the learning opportunity we recommend completing the programme in order.

Aims of the Programme

The aim of this programme of courses is to take you through the essential knowledge you should have to assess and treat the patellofemoral joint including the most common pathology. The course is authored by Claire Robertson, a Consultant Physiotherapist and patellofemoral joint expert.


This programme consists of 5 separate online courses and an assignment.  Only two are available now, when the rest are ready we’ll let you know!

Subjective Examination of PF Pain
This course will describe the basic anatomy of the knee. It will provide an understanding of how the mechanism of injury can relate to various pathologies. It will identify key questions to ask in the subjective examination that will help to identify the cause of patellofemoral pain as well as explain the common causes of patellofemoral joint dysfunction and the likely presentation thereof.

Subjective Assessment

Fat Pad Syndrome

Fat Pad Syndrome or Hoffa’s disease is a common source of anterior knee pain. The infrapatellar fat pad has also been identified as a key component in knee osteoarthritis and inflammation. This course discusses the different roles of the fat pad and gives you practical techniques for accurate diagnosis and proper management for conditions relating to this structure.

Fat Pad Syndrome