My Reflection on the 4-Week Physiopedia Volunteer Course.

We recently finished another round of the increasingly popular Physiopedia Volunteer Orientation Course. As part of the final assignment members were tasked to write an original piece of work to share with the profession, the contributions were of the highest quality. Below is a reflection of the volunteer course written by Kalyani Yajnanarayan.

I  came by this Physiopedia Course as a mere accident and it has been the most exciting course I have signed up for yet! This course has been a roller coaster ride, trying to finish the weekly tasks on time, but it’s a challenge I wanted to accomplish.

Week 1

Tasks in week 1 was relatively easy, the step by step tutorials and instructions provided by Physiopedia made sure I flew through the tasks in no time. Editing the source code was probably the most difficult aspect of task 1, but the feeling of accomplishment was worth it!

Week 2

The tasks for week 2 was a huge step up from week 1, I had no idea where to start! I’ve never written about a condition on paper let alone online. So, it was a mission trying to figure out what to write about. Unfortunately, the weeks after this were the most difficult for me as I got a concussion. So even though I couldn’t go to work, I couldn’t stand to look at my laptop screen for any longer than 5 min. But I finally managed to get it done, but I kept in mind that it wasn’t up to the level I wanted it at just yet, so I’m reviewing that page after this course!

Week 3

The tasks didn’t get any easier this week, having to review someone else’s page is nothing less than daunting. I know the amount of hard work that goes into making a page on Physiopedia, so by editing it I initially felt like I wasn’t doing it justice. But from the help of the Physiopedia crew, I was able leave a little bit of me on that page.

Week 4

Week 4 was by far the hardest. Writing my own article was nerve wracking, as I’ve always been quite shy of my work, so letting someone read a whole article I’ve written was scary. What was even scarier was uploading it on to Slack [The software the team uses to communicate] and waiting for the responses…was it good enough? Thank you Physiopedia for pushing me out of my comfort zone this week.

My Final Thoughts

The structure of the course is well thought through, by progressively making the tasks harder I was able to adapt and improve. The level of help provided throughout this course by the Physiopedia crew was also remarkable, I never felt like a task was too hard that I couldn’t accomplish it.

All in all, this course has been one of the best courses I’ve signed up for and I’ve already recommended my friends to sign up for the next Orientation. Thank you Physiopedia!.