New Blood Flow Restriction Course Available Now on Physioplus

We have an awesome new course for you to get stuck in to on Physioplus.

The latest addition to the Physioplus catalogue is blood flow restriction training – a technique that uses a cuff to apply external pressure to a limb with the intention of occluding venous outflow whilst maintaining partial arterial inflow. The occluded limb is then exercised at a submaximal level. This low load exercise with blood flow restriction can increase muscle strength and size more effectively than low load exercises with no restriction. BFR can be very helpful in a clinical setting where patients cannot exercise at high intensity.

The course content is written by Luke O’Brien a specialist physio in the all things to do with the knee. We couldn’t think of anyone better to teach you all you need to know about BFRT.

The Course Aim and Outline

This course will discuss the physiology of muscle hypertrophy and its relationship to blood flow restriction therapy. It will explain what BFR Therapy is and how it is applied as well as the relevant safety considerations.

You’ll learn through a number of different ways to suit each and every learning styles. We have videos to watch, the latest articles to read as well as an interactive forum to take part in.

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