My Reflections on the 4 Week Volunteer Orientation Course

We recently finished another round of the increasingly popular Physiopedia Volunteer Orientation Course. As part of the final assignment members were tasked to write an original piece of work to share with the profession, the contributions were of the highest quality. Below is a reflection of the volunteer course written by Jayati.

Team is often said to be an acronym for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More‘ and Physiopedia has been a testimony to this. The enthusiasm and work by everyone here is awesome! If not for Physiopedia, it wouldn’t be possible to meet so many people from the same profession and learn from them. I graduated last year and I have just started working as a full-time physio. There is so much to learn out there and I’m so excited! This course has been incredibly helpful in reminding me how I need to keep myself updated – plus you don’t have to do it alone! There is an entire team backing you up and helping you. There are tasks, incentives, badges and it’s fun to learn this way!

I’m sure I read much more in the past four weeks than i did in two months earlier. I was also excited as i got to work on pages on pediatric content as i had been treating them since the last eight months. I look forward to continuing the work and come up with many more pages on pediatric conditions and PT interventions.

As I went through the profiles in week 1, I learnt a lot about the different areas physios work in and the fields one could specialise in. Making the introduction page was fun, it also motivated me to make it better with time.

Week two was my favourite! It did take time to understand referencing and Vancouver but it was worth the time. As I am also doing a project in paediatrics this entire exercise will help me do a better write-up. Referencing would be so much easier now thanks to the course!

In week 3, after reviewing, I was much more confident about using Physiopedia and contributing to it. Everything looked easier and took much lesser time. I also went back and reflected on week one and two and completed things like categorizing pages that I had forgotten. After week 3, I was confident that I could be a part of the team and help out.

I would love to continue helping Physiopedia. I would initially like to work on pediatric pages and then would also like to work on pages to make them user-friendly/ easily readable. I would like to make flowcharts and add them to relevant pages which would help in better understanding.

Thanks to the wonderful team that led the course for being so helpful, patient and encouraging! Cheers!