New Leadership Programme Available on Physioplus

There is a brand new course programme waiting for you to tuck into on Physioplus. The Leadership Programme is waiting for you!

The first 3 courses of the leadership programme are available with 5 more coming later. Each course is available separately as well as in the programme package, so you can collect certificates and CEUs for each course as well as for completing the full programme. Bare in mind thought that each individual course builds on knowledge from the previous so to make the most of the learning opportunity we recommend completing the programme in order.

Aims of the Programme

The aim of this programme of courses is to develop a deep understanding of your own characteristics as a leader and develop a toolkit of skills to help your leadership effectiveness.


This programme consists of three separate online courses and an assignment. Let’s take a look at the available courses.

Leadership – Personal Values and Beliefs
Personal values are broad goals that represent what is important to someone. Beliefs are thought constructs that people apply to themselves, others, the world or the future. Personal values and beliefs help to guide our behaviours and decisions we make. A person’s beliefs can be positive or negative and true or untrue. When analysing beliefs by their polarity and accuracy one can see where improvements can be made in their lives.  This can be done by reframing untrue beliefs and recognising negative, true beliefs as an opportunity to change.

Personal Values and Beliefs

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognise, understand and manage the emotions of oneself and of others. It is developed throughout life and can be learnt and improved on. Emotional intelligence has been shown to positively influence work performance, leadership, relationships, patient satisfaction and psychological health. This course aims to describe and define EI. It will explore the role of EI in effective leadership. It will guide you in identifying areas of EI strength and opportunities for EI improvement within yourself and help develop an action plan to improve EI and leadership effectiveness

Emotional Intelligence

Therapeutic Alliance

Leadership programme A therapeutic alliance is the sense of collaboration, warmth, and support between the client and therapist. It is made up of the therapeutic relationship, collaborative goal setting and shared decision making. There is strong evidence to show that a robust therapeutic alliance has positive influences on patient satisfaction and outcomes in rehabilitation. This course will enable you to understand what a therapeutic alliance is, and show you what you can do to help improve your therapeutic alliance with patients.

Therapeutic Alliance