Reflections on Volunteer Experience

We recently finished another round of the increasingly popular Physiopedia Volunteer Orientation Course. As part of the final assignment members were tasked to write an original piece of work to share with the profession, the contributions were of the highest quality. Below is a reflection of the volunteer course written by Lucinda Hampton.

When I set out to do this [volunteer] course I was intimidated by the thoughts of what was to be expected of me. I had noted I needed a laptop so took the step of buying a good used Macbook Air and learnt to use it after using an iPad for the last 10 years with work. The initial setting up of slack for the volunteer course was a bit of a confusion and I thought “Oh no, [I’m] too old for the uptake of this garble”…but I overcame my technological limitations and have enjoyed the course thoroughly since then.

Love all the positivity of the Physiopedia team- gently nudging you on without ever a put down. Quite a skill set!

In week two it was amazing to see such diverse topics chosen. The international involvement also puts a great new twist on the learning experience. As the time passed I could see the usefulness of volunteer interaction and course instructors gentle guidance to us all as individuals.

Week three opened my eyes to the huge scope of topics needing to be expanded or updated- a huge task. Now I can help and participate. Yippee.

Week four confused me. I would have liked some basic formatting advice regarding needing to convert my work to PDF ready for Physiospot. I personally find Physiospot a bit hodgepodge, but that’s just me. All the new skills the editing course has given me are flowing into my use of IT- which can only be a bonus in my case.

In general I now attend work with more due diligence – ensuring it is of sound basis and up to date. Also learnt clients love to know that you can advise them on lots of health topics that can benefit them eg general benefits of exercise; expanding their knowledge of their condition (an informed client is often then a lot more pro-active re participation in the outcome).

To do a fair job of the course and meet requirements 4 hours is a bit severe…more like 10. You have got me wondering about the time commitment you give from here on. I know from here I would just love to continue to edit pages that seem to lack something vital in my perspective. Also love your courses so love to review them.

Thanks to you all. All in all soooo glad I decided to dive in and do the course.