One to Watch – Physio Prescribing for LBP in Primary Care

One to Watch is the latest addition to the Physiospot repertoire. Once a fortnight we will point you in the direction of a recently published research study protocol which we think will be worthy of keeping an eye out for the results.

At the start of the month a protocol was published in the BMJ which aims to evaluate the feasibility, suitability and acceptability of assessing the effectiveness of independent prescribing by APPs for patients with LBP in primary care and to inform the design of a future definitive stepped-wedged cluster trial.

This is an important trial because of the drive towards multimodal management of LBP and away from over reliance on opiates and analgesia. Now that prescribing physio’s are becoming more common and accepted this is an opportunity to prove that our profession is in pole position to manage these patients at first presentation to primary care. Hence the First Contact Practitioner positions in the UK. Clear before this is the accepted norm and pathway we need to prove that this model of care works, hence the importance of this trial.