13 New Organisations Admitted to WCPT

13 physical therapy associations admitted as WCPT member organisations!

13 physical therapy associations were admitted to the World Confederation for Physical Therapy at its General Meeting on 8 May 2019 in Geneva. This brings the total number of member organisations to an impressive 121. The new member organisations are the physical therapy associations from: Bhutan, Costa Rica, Georgia, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Senegal, Sudan.

Of these organisations Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal all have a partnership with Physioplus which gives their members access to Physioplus for free. Furthermore Physioplus has courses available in French further enhancing this partnership.

12 of the new member organisations were ceremonially welcomed at the General Meeting, parading their flags and being officially received by the WCPT President. Representatives of the member organisation in Senegal were unable to attend the General Meeting.

Patricia Bertrand, President of the Haitian Physiotherapy Society, said: ‘Alone, we can only go faster, together we go further.’

All WCPT member organisations have the right to be represented at the General Meeting, which is held every four years. This year, voting delegates from 106 member organisations attended the meeting, where the President and Vice President will be elected, policies adopted, and strategic priorities for the next four years determined.