Do You Work in Traumatic Brain Injury? We Need Your Help!

If you work in TBI we need your help!

Sometimes Physiopedia is very fortunate to receive very generous donations to develop specific content. The topics are very close to the donors heart and they see great value in openly sharing evidence and knowledge on this topic among physios around the world.

We Need Your Help

We have received donations to specifically develop the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) content. To reflect the kindness of the donations we want to make these pages the best they can be – a lasting legacy. The TBI Project has been created for just this reason, PP is ready and waiting for you to share your expertise with the global physiotherapy community and make a lasting difference.

Anyone is welcome to join in the TBI Project. You will be joining people from all over the world in contributing to create an evidence based reference on spinal cord injuries and the management of individuals with a traumatic brain injury. It is really simple to take part too, it if you aren’t comfortable with writing directly into Physiopedia then you can write your content in a word document (or similar) and email to the project co-ordinator. Simple!

Take Part in The TBI Project – It’s Easier Than You Think!

The 2019 MOOC

Each year PP runs a hugely successful MOOC and previous topics have included cerebral palsy, lower limb amputee rehab and club foot. This year the MOOC will be based on the content created by this project. This is really exciting and the PP team can’t wait to get started on this.