Physiopedia and university collaborations just got better!

Physiopedia has been collaborating with universities since the very beginning in 2009.  Many of the content development projects have totally exceeded our expectations with students preferring to make a contribution to this public resource that contributes to our profession over a written assignment that gets filed away for no-one to see.

However, Physiopedia has grown a lot over the past 10 years and with growth comes opportunity. We would like to share this community and new opportunities with our colleagues and the physiotherapists of the future.

There are several opportunities for educational institutions to get involved:

  1. Content development projects – The long standing tried and tested content development projects in Physiopedia are a great way for students to develop professional digital skills as well as introducing them to making a contribution to their profession.  You can read more about our Projects and more specifically how a content development project works.
  2. Give your students access to Physioplus – If you would like to give your students full access to the Physioplus career development opportunities we can make this easy for you with our EduApp. This app gives your students full access to Physioplus with a single sign on inside your learning management system.  Find out what your students get with Physioplus here and read about the EduApp here.
  3. Use our online courses in your teaching – For several years now institutions have been using our online courses on Physioplus to develop student knowledge prior to face-to-face practical sessions.  This blended learning approach is a cost effective teaching method that has proven to be very effective.
  4. Develop online courses with Physioplus – There is also an opportunity to develop (and earn revenue from) online courses that you develop with Physioplus.  We can work with your faculty to create courses specifically for your needs to compliment your lectures. Read more here.
  5. Become a Physiopedia partner – With any of these collaborations your organisation automatically becomes a content partner and can take advantage of the promotional benefits that we offer.  We have the largest global reach of any physiotherapy organisation and are happy to use that to promote your organisation. You can read about our partnership opportunities and see our existing partners here.
  6. Get ambitious with us – We are looking for a university to collaborate with to develop Masters level online programmes and accredit our courses, if there is any opportunity for this we’d love to chat about it.

If you are interested in any of these collaboration options, have any questions or other ideas, please simply email [email protected].  She is always available for a chat and happy help.