Topic of the Month – Neurological Conditions

Every month the Physiopedia team focus on updating pages centered around one topic. This enables us to keep improving all of our existing pages as well as create new ones. The team often make changes to referencing and formatting but best of all they find the latest evidence and update the pages accordingly. This month the topic is Neurological Conditions.

According the NHS England there are well over 600 neurological conditions and broadly speaking these can be categorised into 4 categories.

  • Sudden onset conditons
  • Intermitted and unpredictable conditions
  • Progressive conditions
  • Stable neurological conditions

All of these conditions will be managed at some stage by physiotherapist. This month on Physiopedia, our top quality volunteers will be busy behind the scenes creating and updating as many of our neuro pages as possible to ensure you’ve got all you need to give your patients the best possible treatment.

Make sure you let us know via social media or email if you have any requests for pages you’d like to see or feel need updating. Physiopedia is a resource for all of us and that includes you!