Physiospot Has An Opportunity For You

Physiospot offers a great platform to share your work – our voices coulumn. Open to everyone, no matter your age, experience or ethnicity.

Learning is a unique experience and Physiospot champions new ways of sharing physiotherapy knowledge with our peers. We firmly believe that everyone has something to share and we provide a platform for this to happen.

What’s the big deal?

The way we disseminate research and knowledge is changing. Effective dissemination of research is about getting research findings to the people who can make the most of it as soon as possible. Previously this used to be slow and sluggish and authors were at the mercy of journal subscriptions. But we are in the middle of a paradigm shift. Social media, and in particular Twitter, is changing the way we digest research.

Physiospot has been doing this for a while now. We want to continue helping clinicians, educators and researchers, disseminate their work in a timely fashion. Physiotherapy is a diverse profession with a lot of specialties and a wealth of talent. It deserves to be shared.

I’m not sure my technology or writing skills are good enough…

Practice makes perfect! Writing can appear daunting to begin with but trust me it becomes easier and it can even be fun and therapeutic. As a writer I have grown a lot since I began writing for Physiopedia and Physiospot (just ask Rachael Lowe!). Everyone has their own style and this should be celebrated but if you are having trouble then we are always on hand to help.

We welcome posts of different  types, variety and creativity. If writing isn’t your thing and diagrams, graphs or infographics are then we are for you.

When it comes to the tekkie side of things, the background of Physiospot is easy to get to grips with and again we are always on hand to help out. If you can use a word processor then you are skillful enough to master this. But to put you at ease, a beginners guide to Physiospot is sent to you and all you need to do is ask for help.

I’m not sure I can commit to regular posts…

For those who want to commit to 12 posts a year you will receive complementary access to Physiopedia Plus. Enabling you to further achieve your CPD goals in the coming year.

Sign me up!

Write a regular Opinion Piece

An example of a previous regular column would be Darren Brown who wrote about his specialist topic – HIV. Blogs like Darren’s raises the profile of niche specialities and the fantastic life changing work that takes place behind the spotlight. Furthermore it allows Darren’s expertise and knowledge to be shared with those in other countries who need it most.

Write a Guest Article or Commentary

If writing regularly isn’t for you and you still want to be involved, there are other possibilities. Commentaries are a valuable tool to share knowledge and thoughts about a newly published research article.

The goal of publishing commentaries is to advance the research field by providing a forum for varying perspectives on a certain topic. The author of a commentary probably has in-depth knowledge of the topic and is eager to present a new and/or unique viewpoint on existing problems, fundamental concepts, or prevalent notions, or wants to discuss the implications of a newly implemented innovation. A commentary may also draw attention to current advances and speculate on future directions of a certain topic, and may include original data as well as state a personal opinion. In other words, if you have something to share about a research article, let us help you share you thoughts.

So if you find a physiotherapy research article you want to discuss with your peers in an open forum then Physiospot is your place.

Anyone Can Read our Content but who owns it?

By allowing our resources to be available for free, we allow those from less developed countries to access CPD materials where they might not have before. Physiospot is built on the principles of open access. We want to be a driving force in the open access revolution alongside resources like openphysio journal. With your help we can make that happen.

Even with your work being available for all to see and being published on physiospot you still own it. If you need to change anything, want to use it elsewhere or don’t want it to be on the website anymore that is your decision. You own the content you have written.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you soon.