New Ethics Course – Exploring Ethical Issues

We have a brand new course ready and waiting for our Physioplus members, it is the final installment of our impressive and comprehensive 4 course programme covering ethics in physiotherapy. The final course is called Exploring Ethical issues

Exploring Ethical Issues – The Course Outline

The course starts by looking into private practice and palliative care.  You will learn how to be culturally competent and also manage professional relationships.  Finally considerations for telemedicine and sports medicine are explored.  You will be able to apply the things learned on this course into any part of your professional life. The course sections are summarised below.

  1. Ethical issues in private practice
  2. Cultural competence
  3. Ethical issues and end of life care
  4. Sexual Harassment
  5. Telehealth
  6. Ethical issues in Sports

The 4 Course Ethics Programme

Ethical dilemmas arise in our everyday practice. They can be between patient and therapist on an interpersonal level or, even within ourselves. Sometimes it isn’t between individuals it can be within the teams or institutions we are a part of. For some of these dilemmas it may be very challenging to finding a solution that respects all viewpoints, values and duties of the involved persons and institutions involved. This is why we have put together the most awesome collection of ethics courses for you to crack even-the-most-tough nut. The programme consists of 4 courses and a final assignment, so now the final course is available what are you waiting for?

The 4 Course ethics Programme is Waiting for You!