Christmas Edition of the BMJ

Usually in our research section here on Physiospot we take a peek into the latest research in our profession, read and digest the study and summarise the take home message for you. Seeing as it’s Christmas for some of us around the world and coming to the end of the year, it’s nice to take a break and read something more lighthearted. There is no better offering than the Christmas edition of the BMJ.

Read the Christmas Edition Here

As the BMJ explains the soul of the Christmas edition is originality and they don’t want to publish anything they have come close to publishing before. They welcome light-hearted satire and research kept to the same standards as usual. No fakes or fools just original work from a different mindset.

This year is just as good as the previous editions with brilliant satire and funny original research. Particular highlights include:

All of the articles are free to read and are well worth it.