New Lower Limb Exercise Prescription Course

Knowing how to progress and regress exercises for lower limb strengthening can be difficult especially when catering for co-morbidities and individual differences. Thankfully Lee Herrington is here to help!

The gluteus medius plays an important role in lower limb and pelvis stability and it has been linked to many lower limb conditions. When treating a patient with knee or hip problems it is important to progress the strengthening exercises according to the patient’s ability and the amount of load it places on the muscle. The therapist should consider the patient’s history, pain, current functional ability, the purpose for the exercise, the load of the exercise, the load the patient can handle, and the functional ability the patient needs to return to, before prescribing exercises.

This sounds difficult but no need to worry, with the help of this course, available on Physioplus now, Lee can talk you through all you need to know.

Targeted Hip and Knee Strengthening Course

The Course Author – Lee Herrington

You don’t really find anyone more accomplished in their field than Lee Herrington. He is a lower limb rehabilitation specialist with 20 years of experience working with professional and Olympic sports athletes. Some of his highlights include:

  • Consultant Physiotherapist at Knee-rehab
  • Physiotherapist at English Institute of Sport – Technical lead physiotherapist for the knee
  • Senior Lecturer at University of Salford
  • Researcher Knee Research Group
  • Programme Leader MSc Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Lecturer on BSc Hons Sports Rehabilitation
  • Research profile

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This course has been accredited by ProCert for 2 CCUs and by the SASP for 3 CEUs.