New Chronic Ankle Instability Course

Cailbhe is an extensively published researcher in the field of lateral ankle sprains.

Ankle sprains are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries. We come across them all the time as physiotherapists, be it professionally or socially. We all have a friend which recurrently sprains their ankle. This is because 20% sprains go on to become chronic instability, meaning it’s almost inevitable that it is going to happen again.

The reason which sprains can become recurrent is multifactorial in nature and is likely dependent on individual differences. It could be that the injury itself has altered proprioception or that anatomical structures themselves have been disrupted. Either way it is a complicated business, it isn’t simply just “a simple ankle sprain”.

By taking part in this new course by Calibhe Doherty you will understand the process of how chronic ankle instability develops, the causes, the prediction and ways to prevent and manage it.

Prevent Your Patients Developing Ankle Instability Now

It is usually the failure of functional rehabilitation after the initial sprain which leads to the development of chronic instability. Make sure your patients don’t follow the same path, take part in this course now.