Candidates for WCPT President and Vice President Announced

The WCPT Executive Board is comprised of a President, a Vice President and  a member from each region namely: Africa, Asia Western Pacific, Europe, North America Caribbean and South America.

Every four years, each member organisation votes for who they would like to become President and Vice-President. At the same time Regional Executive Board Members are confirmed as these seats would have already been contested. Presidential elections take place at the WCPT General Meeting which will next be on the 8th & 9th of May 2019 in Geneva.

We’ve been waiting a while to find out the candidates and this week the WCPT have announced the names which have been put forwards. The nominees for President are Alain Belanger and the current President Emma Stokes. The Vice President nominees are Michel Landry, Melissa Locke and John Xerri de Caro. Please take time to read the candidates biographies and statements which are available on the WCPT website.