Today is World PT Day!

Happy World Physical Therapy Day to all our readers. Today offers the chance for us to unite and come together as a community of physical therapists and recognise what we can do for our patients and communities. This year we are encouraged to consider the role we can play in helping those with mental health conditions.

This is an often forgotten specialism within our profession but this is not to say it is any less important as any other.  In respect to this our Physiopedia volunteers are busy at work putting together the best mental health resources over on Physiopedia. Take a look at this page for example!

Learn more about Physical Therapy and Mental Health

Throughout the month we will be sharing new content and stories to share with you.

What Can You Do to Take Part and Support World PT Day?

The WCPT have produced a variety of social media images which are available for free which you can use to spread the word. There is also a hashtag to follow and contribute to on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook #WorldPTDay. Also don’t forget to follow WCPT on Twitter and retweet their messages. If this wasn’t enough the WCPT have produced a toolkit of materials to support us all in World PT Day activities.

Many therapists throughout the world will be hosting events so make sure you show support and get involved. If you need any ideas then the WCPT have produced a leaflet to help spark that creativity.

Read the WCPT Leaflet Here

If you are planning any events as part of #WorldPTday we would love to hear from you via social media!