Gluteal Tendinopathy Course Available on Physioplus. Let’s Talk LEAP.

Earlier this year a landmark study by Mellor et al in the BMJ set the  story straight. A combination of exercise and education is an effect way of managing gluteal tendinopathy, even better than corticosteroid injections. The results of the study are readily visible in the form of the brilliant visual abstract below and the study itself is a must read.

Gluteal tendinopathy is a moderate to severe disabling condition affecting both athletes and sedentary individuals. Up to 1 in 4 females over the age of 50 years can experience symptoms of gluteal tendinopathy. As the study by Mellor et al shows, treatment of this condition should include detailed advice and education as well as exercises that include targeted hip muscle strengthening, functional retraining, and dynamic control of adduction during function.

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