New Health Volunteers Overseas e-Book on International Partnerships for Strengthening Healthcare Capacity

Recently we showed you a great opportunity to work with the HVO in Rwanda. Today, on the 32nd anniversary of HVO, we are proud to share something different with you. This is a project which has been in the pipeline for a while – a HVO-sponsored e-book entitled “International Partnerships for Strengthening Health Care Capacity: Models of Collaborative Education“. The book is available online now!

This eBook is an initial step to collate peer-reviewed manuscripts documenting widely applicable models of partnerships and programs in education aimed at increasing health worker capacity. HVO encourages you to join together as we leverage this research to advance the global dialogue around strengthening health workforce capacity, promoting sustainable global partnerships, and supporting future research.

All of us have a role to play, whether by educating others and ourselves about the vast, unmet health care needs of vulnerable populations; by volunteering our time and expertise as health professionals;or,  by supporting organizations dedicated to building health workforce capacity. Together, we can facilitate professional relationships and reinforce partnerships, harnessing a vital human resource – health care workers – to build the capacity of health systems and to improve patient care.

Read the book now!

Don’t Forget about Rwanda!

Key DetailsHVO Logo
Project: Physical Therapy
LocationUniversity of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Kigali, Rwanda
ContactKim Rodgers, Volunteer Placement Coordinator

HVO are aiming to recruit two to three qualified physical therapists per year to deliver continuing professional development courses to practicing physical therapy clinicians in Rwanda. These professional development courses will focus on clinical content in all areas, especially musculoskeletal, cardiovascular-pulmonary, and neurological disorders and impairments, and care of paediatric physical therapy patients. The courses will also aim to impart principles of teaching and training so that clinicians who complete the courses can share newly learned concepts with their colleagues in the field.

Assignments are two to four weeks. Volunteers must be licensed physical therapists. All areas of clinical expertise will be considered. Volunteers should have teaching and curriculum development experience. Volunteers must submit a CV, a curricular outline/syllabus, and course objectives for the professional development course being proposed.

Visit to learn how you can become part of their global health community.